Short curatorial description of the project "Spreading The Word"
The St. Moritz Art Foundation has contracted the artist:network, an independent arts organization based in New York and Beijing to facilitate the contextual and mechanical framework for this years SAM foundation black box competition. The:artist:network, under the curatorial supervision of Marc and Alexandra Hungerbuhler have conceived the "Lingua Franca" project for the St. Moritz Art Master 2011, and in this function chosen to integrate the swiss black box recipient into the group of six international positions represented in the "Lingua Franca" portion of this years festival.

The project is both conceptually enrolled in the discussion of "Lingua Franca" as an interpretive possibility through artistic process, and it engages the public space as integral part of the work-in-progress, and as final destination to interface the public. "Spreading The Word" follows a linear structure in the way it suggest the constructive building of the installation, the interviews, the layering of speech, the narrative, and ultimately presenting itself as an audio-intervention, less spectacle than open ended composition. The multi-layered perceptual experience of "Spreading The Word" hinges therefore on the integration of the viewer/public with the active participation from the outset in its construction, utilizing personal content, it propels the presentation contextually onto the site, where it serves as philosophical and tactical signifier. In addition, the artists will distribute a booklet containing key passages of the interviews, images etc. to find yet another mode of dissemination relevant to the poly-directional orientation of "Spreading The Word".

Marc Hungerbuhler New York 5/4/11